Clair Tierney


Scottish singer songwriter Clair Tierney combines sensitive vocals with delicate guitar work, firmly rooted in contemporary folk music.

Her first album, Of The Deepest Dye, was released in 2010 and now, after a sojourn in the forest of Argyll to raise her two children, she is back with new material. Inspired by her children’s sparkling perceptions of living close to nature, her long awaited second album deals with isolation, escapism, single motherhood, feminism and restoration in equal measure and, as with her debut album, champions undervalued Scottish women from history along the way.

Her second studio album Inside a Story was inspired by her experiences of raising two children in the forest of Argyll. Their walks in the wild leave the songs with an other-worldly atmosphere, rich in poetic language, with more than a nod to the fable tradition.

Her delicate vocals and guitar work support the evocative storytelling, while her shimmering harmonies and arrangements from producer Tim Jones add a lush boldness and gravitas to her choruses.

When Tierney is not working on her music she writes poetry and teaches children with additional support needs in Glasgow.

Inside a Story was released in September 2023.

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Behind the various incarnations of Brynovsky lies producer Tim Jones, who BBC6Music’s Tom Robinson described as a “splendid…discovery.”

Future Weather (LP, 2020) steers a committed line through political pop and reflective mantra to thickly-layered dub tones and harmonies with self-assured vocals and sharp dystopian lyrics. 

The “sweet, sweet sounds of Brynovsky” (Fresh on the Net, 2014) are now matched against inequality, climate change and the rise of the Right. Future Weather, his third DIY style album, introduces an acoustic element to the sound, infused with the attitude of punk at its most anarchic. 

In 2020 he has worked on several collaborations with artist, writer and wonky-pop producer Johnno Casson, aka Snippet, as remixer and producer. He co-produced and featured on the track Live It Up on the new album Kindness, Jazz and a Bit of Tidying Up from Johnno’s lockdown project, Walken400.

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